Serving the People of Perry and Surrounding Counties


Employee Joanie-Combs-M-Ed-LPCA-1

Joanie L. Combs, M.ED, LPCA - Therapist


Employee Sandra-Boucher-RN-P&B-QRT-Program-Director-1

Sandy Boucher-RN, R&B-QRT

Employee Kasie Jones, Case Management

Kasie Jones
Case Management

Employee Rita Slone, Case Management

Rita Slone
Case Management

Vicco residential office
  • Phone: 606-551-1069

  • 10897 S KY Hwy 15, Scuddy, KY 41760

  • Fax: 606-551-1067

  • Hours:

    Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm