Clinically Managed High-intensity Residential Services

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    Our Hazard Residential Women's program is a level 3.1 & 3.5 program

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    Care reassessed, and treatment plans modified at least weekly

Level 3.5 Clinically Managed High-intensity Residential Services. Level 3.5 assists individuals whose addiction is currently so out of control that they need 24-hour supportive treatment environment to initiate or continue a recovery process that has failed to progress. Their multidimensional needs such severity that they cannot safely be treated at less intensive levels of care. This program is designed to serve individuals who, because of specific functional limitations, need safe and stable living environments to develop and/or demonstrate sufficient recovery skills so that they do not immediately relapse or continue to use in an imminently dangerous manner upon transfer to a less intensive level of care. Individuals who are placed in a Level 3.5 program typically have multiple limitations, which may include substance use and addictive disorders, criminal activity, psychological problems, impaired functioning, and disaffiliation from main values.


Employee Jennifer-McIntyre-M-Ed-LPCA-1

Jennifer McIntyre
M. Ed, LPCA-Residential Director

Employee Rita Slone, Case Management

Rita Slone


Clint Fleming, Intake Coordinator

Clint Fleming
Men's & Women's Intake Coordinator

Jessica Bentley, RN

Jennifer Bentley
Director of Nursing

Employee Jordan-Winchester-Mens-Residental-Coordinator-1

Jordan Winchester Residential Coordinator

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